Do you love the outdoors? If you enjoy camping but have young children, you might not be able to venture into the woods as often as you’d like these days. It can be difficult to go camping with younger children who might not be too enthusiastic about rinsing off in a stream or using outdoor “facilities” when they need to use a restroom.

We’re familiar with the difficulty that camping with kids can present, which is why we’re always happy to suggest an alternative to traditional camping–and that alternative is car camping.

Car camping removes a lot of the stress involved with camping with kids. That’s because you’ll be camping at a location that has indoor showers and enclosed toilets. Depending on where you camp, the property may even have amenities like a snack bar or pool on site as well.

As its name implies, car camping involves your vehicle. While you might pitch a tent alongside your automobile, you may let your kids sleep in your car. You may also use your vehicle to store your food and beverages. However you use your automobile, a vehicle is normally a central hub of activity when you go car camping.

When you visit our Honda dealership near Manteca, CA, you’ll see that many Honda vehicles are great for car camping. The 2019 Honda Odyssey is always a popular pick among parents looking for a family vehicle, including parents who enjoy camping with their kids.

If your family is on the smaller side, you may want to consider the 2019 Honda Fit instead. No matter how big or small your family is, you’ll find a Honda vehicle that’s great for camping at Lodi Honda. Stop by our location today.