Are you interested in one of the 2018 Honda Civic models in our new car inventory or has another Honda vehicle caught your eye? No matter which Honda model you decide to buy or lease, it’s imperative for you to maintain your automobile.

Your owner’s manual will have a timeline and mileage increments that dictate when it’s advisable for you to bring your car into our Honda dealership near Rio Vista, CA for some routine maintenance. When you look through your owner’s manual, you’ll see that it includes recommendations for having your brakes checked.

While it’s a good idea to comply with the recommendations in your owner’s manual, you may have to have your brakes looked at sooner if you notice a sign that indicates they need attention. The most obvious indicator that your brakes need to be looked at is your brake dashboard warning light coming on.

Another clear sign that you need to bring your car into our Honda service center is your car needing a greater distance to come to a complete stop. If your brake pedal vibrates or pulsates when you step on it, it’s yet another indication that your brakes need the attention of one of our factory-trained technicians.

When your brake pads get too worn, they’ll often emit a high-pitched squeal to let you know. You shouldn’t ignore this sound. If you do, the sound may morph into a grinding noise. If it does, it typically means your brake pads are completely worn out and your calipers are grinding against your rotors. If this goes on too long, it can cause damage to your rotors.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that your brakes have to be checked, make an appointment to bring your car to Lodi Honda today.