It may seem like you just winterized your car, but summer is right around the corner. Just like your prepped your car for winter’s arrival at the end of last autumn, it’s now time for you to prepare your automobile for summer. Preparing a vehicle for the heat, dust, strong UV rays, and stop-and-go traffic that are common during the summer involves a few things you can handle on your own and some tasks you should let our factory-trained technicians do for you.

One thing you can take care of on your own is checking your fluid levels. You can start with your windshield wiper fluid supply. If your supply is low, fill up your reservoir up to the fill line. While you’re at it, you should also check your oil and your coolant. If these fluids are low, refill your reservoirs, making sure you’re using the right kind of oil and pre-mixed coolant. If you need fluids to replenish the fluids in your vehicle, visit our Honda parts department to get the supplies you need.

While it’s a good idea to check your brake fluid as well, you can’t just refill your brake fluid and be on your merry way. In general, a low brake fluid supply either means your brakes are worn or you have a leak in your braking system. Either way, you should bring your vehicle into our Honda service center to have things checked out.

Catching up on your routine maintenance and conducting a multi-point inspection are two of the things you should trust our factory-trained technicians to do for you. These things are critical to preparing your vehicle for the upcoming change of season so we encourage you to make an appointment to bring your car into our Honda service center today.

For more tips about getting your car ready for summer, contact Lodi Honda today.