A car battery is something a lot of drivers take for granted. That is, they take their vehicle’s battery for granted until it fails to start their engine. Your car’s battery is an important component when it comes to starting your car, providing power to your vehicle’s electronic features, and keeping your mobile devices charged up. With your battery being responsible for such important things, it’s crucial for you to care for your battery to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Whether you drive one of our 2018 Honda Accord models or an older vehicle, you should make it a point to drive your car often. Taking your vehicle for short trips isn’t enough to keep your battery charged. You have to take your automobile out on the road for long-ish rides regularly in order for your battery to reach a full charge and last longer.

To preserve your battery’s useful life, you should also make it a point to turn off all your electrical features when you exit your vehicle. If you don’t turn things like your lights, radio, or climate control system off, they may continue to draw power from your battery even when your automobile is no longer running.

Having your battery tested is also a big part of maintaining your battery. Testing your battery is particularly important if your current battery is three years-old or older. To have your battery tested, make an appointment to bring your vehicle into our Lodi, CA Honda service center now.

Removing corrosion from your battery is necessary to prolong your battery’s life as well. If you’ve noticed corrosion on your battery or its terminals, our factory-trained technicians will remove it for you when you bring your car into our Honda service center.

For more tips about caring for your battery, contact Lodi Honda today!