Have you been keeping up with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) this month? It’s a great opportunity to see brand new tech ideas, some of which will make their way to our homes and driveways, and others that will end up on wacky top ten lists in a few years. The automotive industry has always got some cool tech on display, and the Honda brand is no exception. At this year’s show, Honda Xcelerator, a discovery-focused arm of Honda Innovations, showed off new ideas from six of their technology partners, technology that may play an important role in future vehicles here at Lodi Honda.

EXO Technologies is hard at work on high-accuracy, low-cost GPS solutions concentrated on smart mobility. Their goal is simple but ambitious: Improve the accuracy of GPS localization by an order of magnitude—without using additional hardware or terrestrial base stations. The advances would serve to improve everything from in-car navigation and turn-by-turn directions to positioning for connected and autonomous vehicle applications.

Tactual Labs has got their eye on some truly sci-fi sounding technology. Their inventions can coat a free-form object in accurate in-air, skeletal, and contact sensing that can “see” and reconstruct the human hand and body in 3D. Just what role would technology like this have in your Honda vehicle? It would be the basis for new user interface (UI) interactions and a greater awareness of human intent.

Speaking of ideas straight out of our favorite science fiction movies, WayRay has developed a holographic augmented reality (AR) navigation system for cars that transforms the windshield into an entirely new medium of information.

One thing’s for sure: The technology on display from Honda Xcelerator has got us excited for the future. But if you just can’t wait for the future to get here, have no fear! The Honda lease and finance offers here at our dealership near Manteca, CA are designed to get you behind the wheel of a new Honda vehicle today. And be sure to value your trade to give yourself even more options.