You know the best thing about Honda vehicles? You don’t have to make any sacrifices. It’s not style and performance OR safety and utility—it’s style, performance, safety, utility, fuel efficiency, affordability, dependability, and—well, you get it. With a Honda vehicle, you can have your cake and eat it too—then ask for another cake. What we’re saying is, you should head into Lodi Honda and test drive the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan. In addition to smooth performance and solid engineering that you can count on for the long haul, this driver-favorite sedan boasts intelligent driver-assist features to help keep you out of harm’s way. What more could you want?

Honda Sensing™ encompasses all of the available safety and driver-assistive technologies waiting in the wings while you tackle the ever-shifting demands of the open road. Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the most popular features among our drivers. Simply set your desired following distance and let the Honda Accord do the rest. There’s no longer a need to keep adjusting your speed.

The Road Departure Mitigation System is another helpful feature. A small camera keeps an eye on road markers, and when it detects you’re drifting off the road, the system will sound an alert to get your attention. If need be, it can even take action to stop you from drifting off the road.

The Lane Keeping Assist System works on a similar principle, keeping an eye on highway markers to prevent you from unintentionally drifting into another lane. The Collision Mitigation Braking System™ can really come in handy. When it senses an unavoidable collision, the system kicks into gear to bring the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan to a stop.

Head in to our Honda dealership near Elk Grove, CA now to see what else the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan can do. And don’t forget to check out the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe while you’re here.